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Win the Lotto or just ACE an interview!

Sure winning a million dollar lottery would be cool but with the odds being one in a few hundred million I wouldn’t bank on it happening. But, something worth banking on is smashing an interview and increasing your income. Boom….just like that you increased your total income by $10,000+? Gain a company car, gain better insurance, gain a better 401k…

I have a burning passion for the interview process….from crafting resumes to the interview prep. It is one of the few things in life that, with careful preparation can LITERALLY change your life! Seriously, you can put a PhD graduate against a bank teller and you really could have equal opportunity to get the position. Sure this isn’t the case for every position, some will require specific qualifications but depending on the hiring manager those qualification necessities could be flexible.

So what are some key points that you share with people everyday that are looking to change or start a new career?

  • Where can you correlate your current work experience?
  • Is your resume keyword optimized, current, and clean?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile on point? Keywords, Clean picture?
  • Have you been networking with Talent Acquisition Managers, Recruiters, District Manager, etc?

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