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Here is what Web Hosting Companies miss in Malware healing.


I have this week worked with three clients whose web hosting accounts have been closed due to their websites having *reportedly with Malware. What actually happens with the Hosting companies due to their policies they shutdown the client accounts to zero service access after some time.

So for a client to gain back access they have to contact support and blah blah blah. That is not the biggest issue. I do not know if it is being commercial or they miss the point when they come to helping out clients. Here is what they do.

With services closed ie DB access , FTP and yet funny enough Mail is never closed. So they confidently tell clients to have their websites back they need to hire pros to clean their websites. Wow cool they are getting us clients, though unfortunately they only give them access to FTP. Only File Transfer Protocol and if you are working to heal dynamic applications and systems you cannot ignore other services like the Database. It has been reported and seen several times that hackers use MySql flaws to especially SQL injection to instigate DDoS attacks. Same attack surface can be used to inject code with malicious functions.

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