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Ulassa App

The product itself is an app for IT professionals who use or wish to use Scrum. It is an app for Planning Poker online in order to collectively evaluate the complexity of your next development tasks on a Scrum basis. The Ulassa app is designed to assist you in your daily work as a Scrum master or member of an agile developer team. Aimed specifically at remote teams, the upcoming first release will allow you to play online rounds of Planning Poker in order to collectively evaluate the complexity of your next development tasks.
The Product was developed by Ulassa and BESK which both are startups. As a start-up celebrating creativity and development, we believe and encourage the same in our team. We seek projects with an infectious positive energy, great initiative. We thrive on ambiguity and love a rapid pace. We are passionate about delivering innovative, delightful, and enriching products and experiences.
We have been selling our cards, post-its and other products Supporting Scrum agile development but lately, we got a request for digital versions several times of our customers and that is how the idea for the product manifested. Being a startup with a virtual office with distributed teams working from Ecuador to South Korea, we had the best option to test our own product and perfect it to the highest standard.
The product and the designs are contemporary and eco-friendly, the game itself not only adds a lot of fun to the daily life in an agile environment but also transforms development teams into a community.


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