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Top 5 reasons to become a Foster Volunteer

One year ago, I moved from Bergen county in New Jersey to Naples in Florida. Relocating to Naples gave me a lot of free time compared to the fast paced lifestyle in the New York area. After moving to Florida, my beloved cat died so I decided  to use the extra time to help and to become an animal foster volunteer for the Animal Humane Society on top of my work at the Hertz corporation.

The Animal Humane Society of Naples is a no-kill pet shelter, adoption center and veterinary clinic. I contacted them and completed an online form to join the organization.

After one week I received my first little fur family: 6 adorable newborn kittens and their mother. During a year I helped multiple families of 2 to 8 kittens, a pregnant cat, an adult dog, an adult cat and had an extensive life experience!

After one year as volunteer, here are the top 5 reasons to become a foster:

1. You love animals

The most important reason is always Love. There are newborn kitties and puppies, pregnant mothers, pet recovering from surgery, some of them are sick, scared and alone. You will need to feed them, treat them and entertain them. They need to feel that they are loved and protected.


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