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A Thought Piece on Freedom

This is year 2017. South Africa is celebrating 23 years of democracy. Many South Africans who were of voting age in 1994 will remember the anticipation in the build up to 27 April 1994. This is when for the very first time all South Africans had the right to vote. Some were anxious about what the unknown held. Many more were feeling victorious at the final arrival of freedom in their lifetime. Do you remember where you were on that day? Do you remember what your thoughts and feelings were? Do you remember who were you with on that historical day? It is the nature of celebration that allows the eye of the mind to revisit the time and place of the celebrated event. So go ahead and reminisce. Enjoy your celebration of South Africa’s 23rd year of freedom. It is an important milestone in our collective history.

Over the years and months since 1994, the architecture of our legal institutions have been tested. It is as if every conceivable event to test if they will indeed stand, has been brought to us as a gift, to see if indeed these institutions will stand. Their resilience has been phenomenal. So if there is nothing else that is worth celebrating during this month of SA’s Freedom month, it is the resilient democratic institutions that have stood the tested of time and the test of fortitude. They are still standing, firm enough to weather attempts at destabilization of our young democracy. Let’s be proud for a moment!

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