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1 John 4:14, “We have seen with our eyes and can testify to the truth that Father God has sent his Son to be the Saviour of the world.” (TPT)
There is much more to discover and remember about God’s actions in our lives. He is a good and faithful God. He faithfully answers the cries of His children and never abandons us. I will always give thanks and praise for what He has done for me during my faith journey, and I will rejoice in what He has done!
So, I will write in my books as life on every page of this book. I will look to the promises of His Word and my testimonies here and now. Testimonies are full of the specific truths of how I have been delivered from adversities to His people as children of God. My testimony when I look back is how His Word has worked on my behalf. How did I do that and this? It amazed me. It has the grace through faith that I went through. It has to be God. It’s unmerited favor that is part of Salvation being born-again and rebirth. The Soteria and Sozu life means healing, deliverance, prosperity, BLESSINGS, and wholeness of no missing and no lacking. The Zoe life is the essence of God in me or us as His children.
And what I have a testimony I have “Thank You.” There is no victory apart from Him and His Word. When I recount what He has done for me, I testify and witness His power at work in my life. I will use my testimony as a way to give thanks today and to push back the enemy. I will ask Him to fill me with the power of His presence as I recount His wondrous love in my life.
I thank the Father for the incredible insight into battlefield strategies through His Word. May I rise in the confidence of God’s Spirit and His Word as I rely on His strength instead of my own? I can do all things through Christ, who is my Saviour. I can persist in prayer, knowing that He will come through with miracles just when I need them. This is the word of my testimony.
This book provides the biblical tools you need to engage in God’s plan for every aspect of the following abundant, overflowing life and harvest of soul and finances. You’ll experience the promised marvels, signs, wonders, and extraordinary manifestations of God’s greatness in your life!