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Terra d’ Oliva

Terra d’ Oliva is a Grower/producer of the finest California Extra Virgin Olive oil.Grower / Producer

Dedicated to producing only the finest extra virgin olive oil, Troy Javadi personally manages every detail that goes into creating this distinctive California extra virgin olive oil.

Cold Pressing Process

Mission olive varietal are harvested early in the season. This is when olives have the maximum aroma and minimum acidity. They are immediately cold pressed. The oil is stored in stainless steel containers and left to rest for 3 months before blending.

Ideal Growing Conditions

The oil begins with olives organically grown on a ranch in Paso Robles situated in the rolling hills of California’s Central Coast. The long hot days and cool nights provide the perfect Mediterranean climate for the 106 year old trees.

Terra d’ Oliva Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our robust extra virgin olive oil is a single cultivar using only the Mission olives.

The Terra d’ Oliva Mission Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered with a fruity aroma, herbaceous tones, fresh cut grass, tomato leaf and a peppery finish.

Terra d’ Oliva is a leading importer of extra virgin olive oils, vinegars and olive oil based skincare products from all around the world. Domestically, internationally and locally sourced, Terra d’ Oliva provides healthy, delicious, artisan extra virgin olive oil, amongst unique and custom blended Infused and fused olive oils, hand selected from the finest olive grove regions in the world. Terra d’ Oliva also has the finest balsamic vinegars, including artisan custom blended infused, fused and flavored vinegars. Terra d’ Oliva also offers a variety of mineral rich artisan Sea salts amongst other products.

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