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TechNOpills Pills of techno tu use without extra pills.

TechNOpills Pills of techno tu use without extra pills.

Producer and DJ. Tech House, deep house and techno.

DJ at 80’s at Romepeolas and Flash Flash Disco in Gandia, Valencia, Spain.
Also producing the program “Discodromo Show” for 2 years in “La Voz de Alicante”

During the 80’s loved playing with vinyls and also sinte and 2 Revox to create digital effects with analog mixers.

At 90’s was one of the european pioneers at audiovisual industry creating and producing stop motion animation films with the spanish director Pablo Llorens (2 Goya awards) introducing new techniques to mix 3D digital effects in layered stop motion scenes. The featured film “Juego de NiƱos” and the TV series “Doc Franky” was produced by Doktor Klein using his real name in that period.

Launch his 1st instrumental LP as DoktorKlein at 1999, “Gramado Road”. Many of the tracks was used for other artist to create known hits.

From 2016 producing its own techno,tech house and deep house musing and playing DJ sessions just with music created by him.

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