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Star Deals Now is created because of our passion for seafarers. We started this store because we feel that seafarers are not appreciated, despite the fact they serve many purposes to the world at large. They miss most of the important occasions of their families like birthdays, graduation, wedding and many more, all because they want to satisfy the whole world. But with all their commitment, seafarers are one of the most neglected professionals, which have been ignored by their country and international organisation as well.
And as a result of this, Star Deals Now is established to show appreciation to the seafarers who risk their lives for the sake of humanity, and to show them that some peoples value their hard work and contribution to the development of our society
Our vision
Our vision is to connect seafarers with their families and give them the idea that they can buy gifts and surprises for their loved ones while onboard during festive seasons, valentine days, birthdays, and other anniversaries.
Why shop from us
We offer free worldwide shipping.
We sell exclusively handpicked products.
Fast processing of your orders.
We offer the best deals.
Customers’ Satisfaction
Star Deals Now is not passionate about profit-making alone, and we always strive to achieve by giving high priority to our customers’ satisfaction. We aim to satisfy all customers beyond their expectation. We love to hear from our customers, and we achieve this by having an excellent customer service team that is always available to assist you with any complaint.
Star Deals Now is an online store that sells general products mainly targeting seafarers. We offer a wide range of quality products like apparel, accessories, electronics, and household items and many more. We also sell trending products such as watches, eyewear, and backpack. So, if you are a seafarer that wants to buy gifts for your families or you wish to receive gifts from them while you are still onboard, be rest assured because we’ve got you covered. Each product we sell is made of high-quality materials, and we have a team of talented professionals that research and select trendy designs to suit the needs of our customers.


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