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How I spent 7 years prepping for the presidential debate



My father and I did, in many ways, almost 7 years ago. That’s when he started his first novel, Insiders. My father is a financial advisor/wealth manager/stockbroker, a profession that has changed its name over the 40+ years he has been in the business. Regardless of the title, his job has always been to help his clients achieve their financial freedom. Barron’s has recognized him as being one of the best in the business year after year.

I admire him immensely. Too proud or stupid to directly collaborate with him, I used my unique talents on Robert Frost’s road less traveled by to make my own mark in the investment world. While not winning as many awards, I cherished the ability to work with some of the smartest people in the space knowing that, like my father, I was always doing right by the client.

When my dad set out to write his first thriller, he wrote about what he knew best: himself. The protagonist was a financial advisor who matched wits with a hedge fund manager who was manipulating the markets for personal gain. When it came time to write a second book, Inside Out, I couldn’t help getting sucked into working through plot ideas, character motivations, and countless hours of developmental editing. The process was intoxicating and exhausting, but having studied my father for so long, I was able to see what he was trying to say and help him say it. Part of him wanted to be done; it was supposed to be a two-book series. I felt that there was still more to tell, so I got him to alter the ending, which left a gaping hole to fill in book three.

The Outsider is the result of two investment professionals imagining what might be possible if a charismatic individual with a questionable past and no political experience were to run for political office. Channeling much of the frustration that is palpably felt living this close to the White House, we were able to lay the groundwork for a fiscally prudent, yet bold, agenda that spoke directly to the people.

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