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RPA Project – Week 1 – What To Do



RPA is different in many ways.

  1. It has a fast impact on the business.
  2. The cost is relatively low.
  3. The payback can be very quick.

So, I am amused when it takes weeks to engage consultants, more weeks to get real traction in the project, and even longer to get the proof of concept up and running.

Here is what Week 1 should look like:

There are two potential scenarios here. Either you have executive sponsorship already or you don’t.

Even if you don’t have the C-level driving this forward, you have to act as if you do. While that means you may feel that you are going rogue, who is ever going to criticise you for leading the organisation into RPA?

When I say “act as if you do”, you need a bit more tact and subtlety than if you have top-down sponsorship, but the objectives are exactly the same:

  1. Build and grow knowledge across the organisation about the opportunities proffered by RPA
  2. Build awareness that this is the start of the journey, an exciting journey
  3. Create a central team that will address and evaluate all the issues (the Centre of Digital Expertise – CODE)
  4. Identify functions and processes to start the journey with


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