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Risk without Reward

Nowadays, we are more focused on taking credit for everything we do when compared to a century ago. All of us want to become superstars, we want to achieve great results in our life and we want to take life to new heights all the time. It’s really hard to do that and sometimes it can be very frustrating to actually try and reach this type of goals. But if you think about it, our grandfathers were a lot less focused on this type of thing.

As you can see from this video (, people around a century or so ago were more about making the world a better place. The people in this photograph remained unknown and no one really knows who they are. However, they remain in history as the backbone of skyscraper building. Not only that, but they helped firsthand when it came to making America a better country and a much more interesting place to live in.

Not only were they focused on the wellbeing of our society, but they also took a ton of risks. Working at so many feet in the air wasn’t for the faint of heart, especially during an era like that when accidents were abundant. A lot of people died on construction sites, so having these fearless persons did help these amazing skyscraper projects a lot.

The main thing here is that despite having the ability to take credit, these people didn’t want any credit at all. What they did want to do was to create a unique, powerful and imposing skyscraper that would last for many years and decades to come. And so they did. It was the great character showed by these men that really managed to take these projects to the next level. They did a very good job at sticking to their character and they focused more on our society’s wellbeing instead of their own, personal needs.


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