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Risepic! The answer the world needs

In the last twenty years, the world’s standard has grown faster more than everalongside with the desire for knowledge on an increase. It’s so obvious seeing a complete different atmosphere between countries and universities. In this era, information and knowledge are the most important needs of a being and we do need it to find our place in the society. Interestingly, it is within our reach even more than ever but the problem is that we fail to keep up with it even as it keep growing every day.

I see in Europe lots of potentials who are passionate and talented but can’t find their path to that great course simply because the Education system has rendered their ability to engage their brain inactive. Thereby distracting the attention of people towards the players since there are smart teachers and organizations everywhere as the biggest problem whereas it is the system that is old and cannot provide incentives to continue Education which is the most competitive advantage for a person. If we cannot evaluate ourselves with this system, then in my opinion, it is insane

What we are set to do is empowering the online education; which in my opinion is important so as to create a worldwide standard for everybody and after work online. To empower this market, we have to create the best environment and opportunity for all kind of creators (individuals, schools or university) to bring online their content easy and free thereby choosing a way to make earning with it.

Thereafter, we need to make this content evaluable because online education is fast and highly updated and the need for an evaluating tool arises. The certification model? No!  The magic of online software is that it can earn more than in an offline environment with the right mindset and to achieve this, we need more than a certification model but what I refer to as a data model.

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