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What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Incident Response (Hint: It’s not in your solution, it’s in your people)

The steep increase in cyber attacks is becoming alarming for all. It’s just a matter of time when one might penetrate through a defense be it an institution or an organization. To counter these attacks, you need an incident response that is intelligent, fast and versatile. When implemented correctly, it could actually diminish or block the attack. Let’s take a deeper look at what goes into developing an incident response plan:

What Is Cybersecurity Incident Response?

A Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is a service organization that is responsible for receiving, reviewing, and responding to computer security incident reports and activity. As cyber attacks are becoming more rampant; institutions, businesses, and individuals are becoming increasingly concerned for their safety. According to AT&T’s latest research, approximately 62% of corporations claim that they faced breaches of various intensities last year (2015). The remaining 34% of organizations claimed that their incident response plan either countered incoming breaches or reduced the extent of the damage. Suffice to say that your business’s strategy relies greatly on the effectiveness of your cybersecurity incident response.

At its core, a cybersecurity incident response is an approach that helps users to manage the outcome of a security breach or cyber attack. Ultimately, the objective of an incident response plan is to restrict or eliminate the damage altogether. Additionally, the incident response ensures that minimal time is spent on recovery. Every incident response plan comprises a step by step method that users must follow and implement once the incident has occurred. Commonly, there are six steps that you should outline in an incident response plan along with the corresponding actions required:

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