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That sounds great; regardless of its up and down, recession, inflation, crash, home loan interest has gone up, meltdown, and deflation economy. How about the energy prices? Whatever the economy is going through. You could purchase whatever you need or desire, regardless of how many dollars you might have in your bank account. Of course, you would say I am over the top and exaggerating. It sounds lovely if we live above all what is going on in the world’s economy.
It’s fantastic as it sounds; you can if you are determined to do it. But you can’t do it without God. Of course, but with Him, it’s possible. I admit we have pensions while I am writing this at the moment. But, when I was single, I had to toss my coin before I bought things. This means I was striving and struggling even though I held a degree in Business Administration -Management as significant but looking back now. I would say I’ve never improved and prosperous even if I got a degree holder as my career.
I can testify to it in the past years. God has given us a way to buy without money. I began learning from the Word how to buy without money in the past years of my life. It’s a beautiful way to live because it’s not the possessions in materials only but PEACE. Hebrew means “wholeness, with nothing missing, and nothing broken.”
With faith in God in your heart and mouth, you can live a PROSPEROUS life anytime, anywhere, because God is not dependent on the conditions in this world.
God is not limited by economic systems, recession, inflation, deflation, supply chain shortages, or anything else. They blame the energy crisis because of the war in Ukraine, the oil, gas, and coal, or the Covid-19 turmoil, which is true. No doubt about it. The housing crisis is a big problem that people lost their homes and couldn’t afford the house in short supply. Labor cost is enormously high.
God moves in the supernatural. He is an all-powerful Jehovah, not El Cheapo but El Shaddai God. God is the Supreme being, and nothing is impossible for Him. Whatever He says, He can and will do“ It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.”
This book will challenge you to take away the limitations and restrictions in your life on yourself in the past. It will encourage your imaginations, dreams, and visions to soar like an eagle, for we’re designed into ratified heights above. Beyond the limitations of our enforced physical restrictions, You get ready to be stirred up about living the glorious and prosperous life God has designed and planned for His purpose uniquely for you. The Abundant, Overflowing, and Prosperous Life will help you to understand that long before you, the foundation of the world. God had His eyes on you and had designed as a masterpiece on you for a glorious living before your first breath. If you’ve been seeking and searching to understand who you are and what you’re living for, why are you here on earth for a purpose? Learn how to take determined steps today to propel you into your glorious future.
Maybe, you have a deep desire to live a better life. Perhaps, you envision a life filled with boundless joy, peace, and loving grace-based relationships.
Are your thoughts filled with images of a newly owned dream house, a new dream car, or a fantastic job providing a better life for you and more desires and wishes for your family? Maybe you think a better life is being free from debts, pain, fear, anxiety, free from the cycle of a dysfunctional family, and lack of any sort. It may sound too good to be true, but the life God has designed and purpose for you includes all that and more. I do!.