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How learning is the best weapon to save innovation in all over the world☀️

We live in a strange society. In all over the world, innovation started to grow faster than ever in the last 20 years, but this scenario was creating a gigantic modern plague,-the unlearning and the crisis of skills.

What’s happening in the world right now? Everything is changing and evolving faster than ever. However, there is a lare culture of people that is falling behind the times. The problem of innovation is that only the 10% of people in the world have the right mindset to understand it. The other 90%in the last 10 years are involved in a weird process that is leading people to feel inside the economy and the society, because “software is eating the world!” People that don’t understand innovation in the world fear the modern society and changes. An important example is the last political elections in all over the world. I mean the political campaigns and communication of the winners is an alarm that innovation will have to understand quickly.

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