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Learn to be an International Sales Broker in Two Weeks.

I am looking for someone that can learn my business
and work with me.
For a two way interview, please read over the rest of this
page, then call 1-888-560-7530.
Here are the details about learning to be an International Sales Broker.
> One-on-training via Skype and email
> Three way calling to learn as you “train and work”.
> How to be 100% sure you get paid your commissions
> On-going training as you work and grow with our team
> Turn-key business kit (audio files to listen to over your computer)
> Access to hundreds of contacts around the World
> Work part time or full time (perfect home based business)
> No overhead, except a telephone line and internet connection
> No license required
What does all of the above mean to you?
It means I can train you on how to put buyers and sellers together,
similar to being a real estate broker. You and I get a commission
when the seller gets paid.
We deal in Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Sugar, Scrap Metal,
Coffee, Financial Instruments, Gold Bullion, Diamonds,
and many, many other products.

Why is this of a benefit to you?
I have developed a proprietary method
of finding buyers and sellers through the internet.
I will train you how I do this and also introduce you to
my network of buyers and sellers.
If you are open minded to learn, then let’s talk. Dedication
and determination are more important than skills or
experience. I can train you how to do this in two weeks
of one-on-one training. By the end of the second week
of training, I can have you in a transaction as a broker
sharing in the commission.
Call now, my 24 hour recorded message,
for a complete overview at 1-888-560-7530.
At the end of the recording you will be given
my office number where you can call me directly.
Or, simply leave your phone number at the end
and I will call you.

Jay Wilder
School of Arete
24hr. info line: 1-888-560-7530
Asheville, NC


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