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IoT and Blockchain – Edge computing opportunity


This is an Edge computing opportunity for Networking Companies  like CISCO, AT&T, IBM, Hitachi, DELL …. Obviously they need to be on the forefront of IoT.   IoT devices reach directly out onto the Internet, communicate M2M, receive instructions and deliver information. The newer smarter devices have a lot of functionality and protection built into their designs … But there are millions of older devices and devices that are not fully integrated with IoT functionality.  Here is where network vendors can create edge capabilities on their routers and hubs, where the functionality can be used to not only enhance the local devices’ interface, but their communications can be updated as IoT protocols evolve.   Cisco is already built edge capabilities for their endpoint devices: Their ability to do analytics right at the data sources will be a huge advantage.  So will be the ability to service and allow customers to take advantage of internet enabled devices that don’t have IoT functionality, and provide that functionality at the router.  It is also a place for added protection; which is a growing concern for many remotely controlled machinery.

One of the biggest issues with IoT is security.  Protecting the devices especially when they are receiving information via the cloud; it is critical to furnish the ability to guarantee that the delivery is from a valid source/device.  The basis of a Blockchain enabled feature is to provide a crypto based access control that is peer-to-peer in its implementation. The privacy is very high since the peer to peer connection can be verified by private (e.g. manufacturer controlled) or public blockchain exchanges (general access). Using gateway products such as enhanced network routers, we can locally connect via protected paths to local devices using, hard wire, encoded Wi-Fi, and other similar methods.

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