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Isaiah 54:1. “Rejoice with singing, you barren one! You who have never given birth, burst into a song of joy and shout, and you have never been in labor!” (TPT)
There are times and seasons in our lives when we feel stuck. We experience no forward motion and wonder if we should abort our dreams. Life is at a standstill, and our spiritual bareness seems overwhelming. The more we focus on what isn’t happening, the greater the sense of heaviness we feel. Before we know it, we’re discouraged, depressed, and losing hope. We’ve lost our song.
It seems almost cruel to tell someone to rejoice when they’re still waiting and feel the pain of barrenness. Worship isn’t inspiring and encouraging upon circumstances, but it dramatically affects us and gives proper perspective. But faith knows how to find its song. Faith sees ahead and believes the seeds of His Word implanted in the heart will take root and produce fruit. So, we sing, praise, worship, and pray. I even give thanksgiving. Praising and thanksgiving are essential even when t’s not happening or arriving yet. We rejoice in our glorious future and water the fried ground of past disappointment with rears of worship. We press and look back at what the Lord has done as we wait.
When things don’t happen the way we expect, we will worship. When doors of opportunity slam in our face. We will trust Him to open a better door, and maybe it’s being delayed for His perfect time and will. We still praise and worship. When we feel like we’ve been being pulled back, we think that we’re stretching the slingshot closer to our heart before launching it. We still worship.
What has God promised you? If you’re not sure, you can read the scriptures, and you’ll discover hundreds of promises made by God to you as BELIEVER.
And your time to receive those promises has come! I’ve been waiting and expecting exceedingly, too, just like Abraham.
Let me show you what few people understand about receiving God’s promises. God knows the desires of your heart. When He came to Abram and promised him a son, of course, He knew that Abram wanted most the wishes of his heart just like you and me.