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Five reasons to invest in your suit

I have worked in the men’s fashion industry since the early 1990s, working in Yokohama, Tokyo, LA and New York, before eventually establishing my customized menswear store Kazuna, in Sydney, Australia. Over the years, I’ve seen many trends come and go – I’ve seen styles change and develop, but one thing remains consistent. To look professional, you need to wear a properly fitted suit of quality materials. Your outfit should reflect your personality, your professionalism and your build, so you walk into your business role looking and feeling confident, focused and comfortable.

So how do you achieve that confidence and professional poise?


The perfect fit

The key difference between an off-the-rack suit and a custom-made suit is the fit. An off-the-rack suit will only come in a relatively small range of sizes which cannot accommodate physical differences. One man will look uncomfortably constricted across the chest while another man could be swamped in the same size suit, even if the two men are theoretically the same build. A made-to-measure suit, constructed from a base pattern fitted to your individual proportions, will fit perfectly while making the most of your natural build.

Some stores offer the option of bespoke garments, designed entirely from the customer’s individual measurements, although this is a costly and time-consuming process and doesn’t necessarily deliver a better fit than a made-to-measure garment. At Kazuna, we only construct made-to-measure suits as this method provides the perfect fitted garment within just a few weeks, without the need for endless measurements and fittings.

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