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FDI spotlight: Cytovance Biologics

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Often times interesting things have a tendency to fly under the radar due to the relative hustle and bustle in our daily lives. Things like corporate acquisitions typically aren’t high on the list of things people keep their eyes peeled for but realistically they are an excellent indicator for trend changes. One bit of news that many may have overlooked is the acquisition of Cytovance Biologics in 2015. The news broke in 2015 that the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based firm was to be acquired by a Chinese biotech giant. At that time you might have been busy with new projects at work, scrolling through your social media accounts, or just binge watching your favorite show. In the digital age it is hard to keep track or pay attention to things like this so most people tend to filter things passively. For every article published there are thirty dog videos or memes to distract you so it’s easy for things to get lost in translation.

Oklahoma City is no stranger to large scale acquisitions when it comes to high-tech firms, especially in the aerospace, energy, and biotech arenas. Big name international market players often find a foothold in a new markets via FDI or acquisitions but it can easily be missed if you aren’t paying attention. So why should we pay attention to market moves like this? Site selection and FDI acquisitions go hand in hand of course, so it makes sense to monitor both through a similar lens. Why should a firm reinvent the wheel when there is a perfectly functioning vehicle they could buy down the street? From my perspective the Cytovance acquisition is an exciting example of successful FDI – let me show you why.

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