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Why should you exercise using our premium glute bands?

Why should you exercise using our premium glute bands?

?Often body weight exercises alone are not enough for you to get your desired body. Pomegranate fitness’s premium bands offer MORE TENSION than alternative bands, giving you more resistance, more challenging workouts and BETTER RESULTS. Now you can get a tighter, stronger and more attractive body at the fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

?Sometimes life gets in the way of exercising. Pomegranate fitness’s premium bands are EASY TO CARRY AROUND allowing you to achieve your dream body anywhere. Our premium bands take up such little space that you can take them on holidays, to work, hotels, the gym or even the office. Now you can TONE UP ANYTIME ANYWHERE! No Hassle! No other equipment needed! No excuses!

?Stop wasting your money on inferior products. Cheap bands slide up and down and even break, making them super annoying and a waste of time and money.

?Our premium bands are SAFE, COMFORTABLE and EXTREMELY DURABLE. Unlike rubber bands our premium bands are made of comfortable elasticised fabric with NON-SLIP RUBBER STRIPS on the Inside. Our premium bands won’t slip up or down during workouts allowing you to focus on getting your desired results.

?️PERFECTS exercise FORM to help avoid injury – The last thing you need is an injury to set you back a few months!! Wear our premium resistance bands around your knees to CORRECT and MAINTAIN GREAT FORM during your most important exercises (including squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, kick backs and more).

⚠️If you weigh UNDER 70kg choose REGULAR, if you weigh OVER 70kg choose LARGE.


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