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Everything that’s wrong with the Internet in one chart

Digital budgets keep going up. Engagement keeps going down. Now people aren’t just looking away – they’re actively blocking brands. This is not a problem advertisers can spend themselves out of. Media have changed out of all recognition. It’s time that communication strategies did too.

Of course, some smart companies are succeeding in this new world. They’ve rewritten the rules of communication.

EIA understands those new rules. We employ them to help brands transform their fortunes in digital media and beyond.

Who we are

The EIA was founded by Brian Millar and Torie Chilcott. Between us, we’ve run TV production houses, ad agency creative departments, a research consultancy and a digital media company. Our experience ranges far outside the normal careers of consultants, enabling us to bring a broader perspective to problems. We are perfectly poised to turn data into emotional intelligence.

FUBI: When data turns into emotional intelligence

We spent 6 months analysing people’s behaviour on the Internet, and our data clearly showed us that there are four kinds of content that people love online:

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