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EQ vs. IQ

During the past two decades, more and more people have started to focus on emotional intelligence and the fact that it might be more important than IQ. But is there any truth behind this? Which one is more important, EQ or IQ?

Up until recently, people have been focused on the idea of measuring their intelligence. This is why IQ scores started to be very common because they allowed people a great way to measure their knowledge in a quantifiable, unique manner. However, as scientists began to figure out what emotional intelligence is, they saw that emotions and the way they are expressed could also play a massive role in the life of every person.

IQ, also known as the intelligence quotient, is a number that comes from a standardized intelligence test. The IQ tests usually calculate scores simply by dividing the mental age by the chronological age. Nowadays, IQ scores are compared between people that have the same age group. While it can be a start to study the intelligence of a person, it isn’t the ultimate answer here.

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