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EAK MagPower Wireless Charger: No More Lose Cables

Private access to get 40% off!
$30 (MSRP $50)
EAK MagPower N1 4000mah

$40 (MSRP $70)
EAK MagPower N2 8000mah

EAK MagPower Slim+Fast & Portable Wireless Charger

The slim, fast and portable multipurpose QC3.0 + PD3.0 Qi magnetic wireless charger for your devices

No more loose cables – with the EAK MagPower N1 and N2 multipurpose portable wireless power banks, you can charge your Android, Apple or other Qi-enabled device easily, anywhere and whenever you need it, with:
 Magnetic attachment—stylish and slim
 Superb holding experience—safe and practical
 Charge 3 devices at once
 4,000 mAh or 8,000 mAh
 2x Faster iPhone Charging w/ PD 3.0
 4x Faster Android w/ QC 3.0
 2x Faster with Qi Wireless
 Android and iPhone 8/X
 Multiple color options

EAK MagPower Wireless Charger: No More Lose Cables
Forget about all those times that you had to desperately look for one of your charging cables in order to charge your phone or other device. With the EAK MagPower Wireless Chargers, we’re welcoming you into a fast, comfortable, stylish, portable and efficient wireless charging experience.

With EAK’s MagPower N1 and N2 Wireless Chargers, you can be sure that your mobile devices will always be charged whenever and wherever you need. And, with our N2 Game Pad, you can easily turn your phone into a comfortable and convenient game station that is also easy to charge on-the-go.


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