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Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Leaving You Stranded?

We hear about them all the time, Disaster Recovery plans. We’re told we need them, those with whom we conduct business may ask to review them. Certain regulatory compliance frameworks require them, as do best practice guidelines.

Some companies throw together some quick guidelines as to “what they will do” in the event of a disaster, while others toil for hours trying to get every detail and contingency correct. Many even contract with outside consultants to obtain the perfect plan realizing the future of their business may depend on it.

If you’re like most, you may not have actually thought too much as to the impact of the word, “DISASTER”. You may think a disaster to you would mean a minor inconvenience, a momentary power outage, a snow storm, or a localized flood. In some cases, they those situations would in fact call for the implementation of your disaster recovery plan, or your business continuity plan, so as to keep the wheels of your company spinning and avoid disruption.

What about the real disasters that have been taking place throughout the country? The one’s that are more than a minor inconvenience. The ones that could potentially wipe out your company, or cause your vendors or customers to take a second guess as to your preparedness after the dust settles?

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