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Debut Fantasy Novel: Strange Wyrld: The Elemental

Peter Legend’s ‘The Elemental’ marks the epic first instalment in the ‘Strange Wyrld’ trilogy, which fuses myth and lore with a brand of fantasy fiction unlike anything else on the market. The volume has recently been picked up by Wembley House publishing, and is due to hit all online retailers on 9 April 2018.

The Cube Continent reels as the Black Flay Army, led by villainous Deus Mortem, tears through the mythical land of Midgard to seek out and capture the Elemental, an ancient force of light reborn in physical form. Circumstances force disgruntled princess Perri Silo and time-travelling African-American wizard, Gideon Voltaire, to work together when her wyrld is turned upside-down. They embark on a quest to rescue Sharo Mito, the only man who can help her, and along the way, team-up with a nun and a couple of bounty hunters. The unlikely team overcome many obstacles as they travel through lands both fantastical and nightmarish until they collide with an unstoppable force that could tear them apart…. the Black Flag Army led by Deus Mortem.



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