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The Death of The Sales Recruiter

– Dr. John Sullivan – ERE Recruiting Intelligence

In late 2015 I was neck deep in over 250 resumes as I set out to build the next great Inside Sales team for one of Chicago’s fastest growing technology “startups”.

Working as a part of the Sales Training & Leadership team since the company’s pre-IPO days, I’ve screened, interviewed, hired, trained, and on-boarded over 100 Sales Executives during some of the craziest growth phases any company will experience. As I was tasked with transitioning to Manger, Online Restaurant Sales, I needed to build a new team of 13-15 Inside Sales Executives from the ground up with no internal sales recruiting team (the company was making a lot of changes at the time).

With the help of my amazing colleagues, I looked through countless terrible resumes, phone screened hundreds of un-prepared candidates, and interviewed dozens and dozens more and I couldn’t help but become frustrated by the fact that there wasn’t a better way.

Even if we had used a traditional 3rd party recruiter, all they would have done was email me even more resumes to review, and at such a popular company getting applicants isn’t the hard part; getting candidates is.

Nearly 18 months later, the team that was built out of that chaos is now one of the most successful sales teams within the organiziation averaging 145%+ to quota for 2016, responsible for millions of dollars in revenue.

Something went right

I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to the development of sales. Sales people, techniques, processes, training; all facets fascinate me. I do what I love, I love what I do; I’m damn good at it. So I wanted to see what might happen if I brought some people together to work on replicating the ideal sales hiring process. Can we increase the ability to predict future success of sales, marketing, and other business minded candidates?


Placed uses a 9-step approached that is backed by data and runs on technology. Using this multi-measured approach, Placed matches the best talent with the best companies, period.

No more resumes or job applications. As an exclusive network, the candidates Placed works with are sourced, screened, assessed, prepped, and ready to receive interview requests from top companies, all at the click of a button. The proprietary Placed rank allows employers to find the perfect match for their open sales / marketing positions.

The process for candidates is quite simple:

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