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Is customer feedback something that you look forward to? Well,​ you should…

They say nothing is permanent in business… Thankfully that statement doesn’t apply to customer feedback because we all know customer feedback will always be around.

The unfortunate part about customer feedback is that something bad already happened. We already missed a step or in some cases a few steps in our customer service strategy. But the great news is, now you have identified a weak link in your system and this is the best and perfect opportunity to fix it.

With customer feedback most of the time you can identify which team member, what day and what shift to coach, and what part of the customer experience was missed. Having a team member read the real frustrations that a customer has experienced on their shift can be such a great learning and training tool for the team.  Where else can you get so much data so specific and so fast! Yes, someone already had a bad experience. But, if you act fast and in the correct way, you can turn that not so happy guest into a happy one and sometimes even into an advocate of your brand.

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