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This conversation led to a $45,000 sale

Setting up a booth at a conference, handing out swag and scanning business cards is easy, scheduling demos with strangers that turn into revenue is hard.

As a VP of Sales and a self-proclaimed sales junkie, I love attending sales conferences. Sure, the speakers are interesting, but I learn even more by observing how vendors sell.

I often play guinea pig. I’m curious to see their tactics, what they do to get demos scheduled, the questions they ask, how they build rapport, how they demo, how they follow up and ultimately, what they do to close. Attending conferences is expensive, after all. Not to mention the time it takes away from revenue producing actives such as prospecting.

So what happens with the typical conference booth pitch?

It usually goes down like this:

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The Approach

1. Sales reps or founders stay in their booths waiting for you to make eye contact with them.

2. Some folks offer “candy” to lure you in. It’s usually a stress ball, flash drive, pen, backpack or power bank (highly recommended).

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