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Coca-Cola VS Smart Lime

Dear Mr. Kent,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mario Boisvert from Montreal, yes, your friendly neighbour from the north, where ‘poutine’ was invented – actually if ever you’re in town, you should try this delicacy of ours… I strongly recommend a place called “Le Smart Burger”. Speaking of ‘smart’, I am the president of Groupe Bolema Inc. which is a small company specializing in all-natural beverages that stimulate two of my favourite organs. (Smart Lime for brain health, Maca Sutra for sexual health)

We registered a product called SMART LIME with CIPO (The Canadian Intellectual Property Office) here in Canada in 2012. Shortly after our first production run of Smart Lime, we received a MONSTER document by the Gowlings legal firm demanding for us to immediately cease the use of the word ‘Smart’ in the name Smart Lime. Astonished and perplexed, this hit us like a SURGE – we had no idea that the word “Smart” belonged to The Coca-Cola Company.

Shortly after CIPO rejected Gowlings demand, we received yet another FULL THROTTLE letter from your persistent legal team. And that’s when it became clear to me that the fine people at Gowlings are obviously not drinking enough of your “Smartwater”!

Now, please don’t get me wrong… I’m not trying to be a smart aleck here, but allow me to go over some historical facts in regards to Gowlings preposterous claim that The Coca-Cola Company is somehow the owner of words belonging to the English language – words such as “Smart”!

Here is where it gets funny…

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