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CEOs/COOs – Decision # 1 for 2017

Everyone has heard about Robotics, Robotic Processing Automation, RPA, Cognitive, and Artificial Intelligence. Broad names with one common theme – they signal a long period of intense change and opportunity.

However, despite the buzz, the vast majority of organisations have done absolutely nothing in this space.

Speak to the main suppliers. They have a great, in fact, an amazing list of customers. But they work with less than 1% of the potential customers. Actually, probably less than 0.1% of the actual potential market.

And most of the action is in the UK and parts of Europe, with North America coming to the game late.

That may make your lack of action in this space more palatable. Certainly it should reassure you that you are not late to the game.

Just don’t use it as an excuse to postpone your first steps into this area.

The Amazon story is often dragged out, but it is a great reminder of how industries change. First they impacted the book sector, then the rest of there retail world.

In 1994 Bezos realised the internet would change the world. No one realised how far, not even him.

This time, it won’t be taking half as long for Robotics and Cognitive to make the same impact.

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