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How Can Your Small/Mid-Sized Company Reduce High Turnover to Maintain Growth & Profitability

Hint: Try Hard to Reduce that Turnover Ratio

Lately, employee turnover is a subject that has been brought up in many circles that my firm encounters so lets take a moment . With a number of years’ experience in management research and dealing with change management at the low-, mid- and high-levels, I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the experiences my consulting colleagues have had when it comes to working for a company that is struggling with high employee turnover.

This article will provide value and insight if your business:

√     Suffers from high turnover

√     Spends a fortune on marketing in an effort to combat negative publicity

√     Struggles to achieve sales goals when the leads are ‘hot,’ and/or

√     Tries to motivate its employees to perform, to no avail, leading to burn-out

The above four items are symptoms of a deeper problem – a management problem. And this management problem is driving up your employee turnover rate and exposing you to risk. Throughout the business cycle, companies are often faced with a number of decisions that need to be made in order to have a positive effect on issues and operational challenges. The actions that you’ll need to take to solve the deeper problems and symptoms listed above include a number of proven methods, steps and processes.

The Problem

One of the best methods to solving a problem is to understand the cause; i.e. why are you being plagued with high employee turnover?

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