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Waiters. Receptionists. The employee you hired at your clothing store, deli, bakery, etc. Treatment Coordinators in healthcare practices. I could list a thousand more but you will get my point after reading the following.

What do all of the above have in common? They are working at your business without any formal commercial training required to do their job at the level needed to ensure your organization grows at maximum capacity year after year.  Facts are all the above job titles require high-level sales, presentation, verbiage and customer service skills to thrive at their job allowing you to Rise Above your competition.

Let’s “dive” into this deeper with three quick examples of thousands I could provide …

1) The receptionist you hired at your place of business never went to school to learn how to speak on the phones, overcome objections, overcome price inquiries, learn value proposition statements, etc. However, every single day they receive calls where they must apply those skills to ensure that inquiry becomes a paying customer/client/patient (depending on what type of business you are).


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