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Blockchain: Why Digital Marketers Need to Pay Attention

Blockchain has been touted as the next “internet”. The first and most well known implementation of blockchain is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, the hype around blockchain technology is just ramping up and the world of digital marketing will soon change forever.

Users will place trust in code more than companies

The core benefit of the blockchain technology is that you don’t have to trust anyone or any company because blockchain allows a decentralized network to work smoothly while ensuring the maximum security for all the users meaning that no single entity can own or control networks. In the new age, users will be in control and to reach the customers companies will have to pay users directly instead of the centralized advertisement platforms owned by companies like Facebook and Google.

Facebook earns billions through its users but pays them nothing

Today, content consumers are overwhelmed by the advertisements that are thrown at them on all levels. Facebook is basically is earning money because people use their social media platform. The valuation of Facebook is determined by mostly of its active daily users which are possibly shown advertisements that earn Facebook more than $25 billion per year as of 2016.

Decentralized advertisement platforms

Once more applications on blockchain are production-ready we will see a period similar to what the Internet experienced in the late 90s and early 2000s when most of the companies like Google and Facebook were founded. However, this time new protocols will be launched instead of companies. Companies will have to join these protocols in order to stay relevant in this new period. Much like how traditionally brick and mortar companies had to adopt the internet.

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