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Bercutie Sunglasses

Want some fashionable sunglasses?
Check out Bercutie’s big collection of designer sunnies and get 30% off the entire order when using promo code “SPRING” at the checkout.

Bercutie is a company based in the ice cold fjords of Norway, and then you might ask “why start selling sunglasses if you are based that far North? Isn’t there like winter all year round in Norway?”

And the answear to that is simple!

We just love sunglasses, the idea of wearing an accessory that both make people look better and protects you’r eyes at the same time is just perfect.

There is actually been done a lot of reasearch on this, the damage the sun makes to peoples eyes are actually more severe then most people think it is, protecting you’r eyes while in the sun is really important.


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