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We’re taking on an old hotel in the Adelaide CBD and turning it into an international artist’s residency, creative hub and a first class, affordable accommodation option for artists visiting our city. Open to the public and with all profits being funnelled back into a fund to support other creatives, Art House is a new model for creative entrepreneurship.

By dignifying artists and their work and providing another avenue for funding outside of the current model of public subsidy, Art House is changing the conversation we have about gatekeepers, money and the creative process.

We’re currently fundraising through the Australian Cultural Fund for the modelling, structuring, refurbishment and fit out of the current Art House site and the artist residency program.

We have five days to bring this campaign home. Every tiny little bit of support helps.

We’re proud to announce we have partnered with Creative Partnerships Australia wherein every dollar donated by you will be matched dollar for dollar through MATCH Lab.

You give 10 dollars – it becomes 20. Give 100; it becomes 200. Give 1000… well, you get the idea.

You’re supporting a new model for arts entrepreneurship and creative social enterprise plus, as with all Australian Cultural Fund programs, every donation is tax deductible.

Less money for the tax man, more money for art. Simple.

Even a donation of two dollars is an incredible gift in that it will not only be matched, but it gives huge validation to the entire idea of Art House and our new experiment in self-funding and supporting our fellow artists.

Sign up at to be in the know and register interest for artist residencies and opportunities in 2019 and beyond.

Thank you for supporting Art House. Share and invite your friends.


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