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7 Tips to deal with Negative People

The art of dealing with negative people.

As you all know you can never be “liked” by everyone in business. Sometimes it is for the most obscure reasons.

Initially whenever I was met with a negative person I would listed and hear them out, but I have just realized lately to get rid of pessimism in my circle.

Here are some tips I find very useful for anyone planning to get rid of negativity. Some of you may criticize me and think why is he writing about it ? But frankly speaking Mr. Pessimist I don’t care.

1.      Avoid the Complainer.

I am sure we have all met that one person who complains about one thing or another, be it the MRT in Singapore, the hot weather, complaining about colleagues.

The people who complain will never enhance your life. These are the type of people who never offer solutions but try and focus on the problem. Remove this person or confront them and say its not part of your philosophy in life and in business. Save your time for people who can fuel your mind, not point out problems.

2.      Don’t get into an argument.

The negative person is one of the last people I will enter into a debate with, they know how to turn that sunny day into doomsday very quickly. A negative person generally has very strong views and will not change their opinion even if you have a good point. That person will find 20+ reasons to back up their point and you will get deeper and deeper into the pool of negativity. If that person doesn’t want to hear your constructive comments, DO NOT ENGAGE.  Again save your time for people who value your thoughts and comments.

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