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4 Ways You Can Embrace Vulnerability At Work

I love superhero flicks.

Partly because they excite and bring out the kid in me, but mainly because they are modern day fables that succinctly sum up the ‘human’ experience through superhuman characters.

Let’s talk about Logan (no spoilers). This beautifully constructed movie presents one of the most conflicted and aggressive characters in the Marvel universe, Wolverine, in a completely different light – older, wiser, weary and vulnerable. He’s tired and scarred and craves anonymity, and bares a side that’s seldom been explored on the big screen.

Gone are the days of macho posturing and saturated special effects, vulnerability is here to stay. In my previous article, where I wrote about why we need our leaders to be more vulnerable and accessible.

Here comes the hard part – creating a culture of openness, vulnerability and transparency in the Indian workplace.

So how do you embrace a culture of vulnerability?

There are simple, incremental ways through which you can sensitize your team on vulnerability and break the invisible barriers that divide people, preventing them from collectively working towards the big picture.

Step 1: Lead From The Front

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