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When it comes to running a building, leaks are more than just a nuisance. They can cause you stress and issues with tenants, renters, or guests of your building, property, or facility. And they can also cause lost revenue, especially the hard cost of repairs to damaged interior finishes.

Depending on how the water is getting in, accessing any repairs can be difficult for you and your staff. In addition, some maintenance techs have actually caused more problems than they’ve fixed (in my experience) by making improper repairs and voiding warranties.

There are four main culprits of leaks:

1.   The Roof

2.   The Exterior Walls

3.   Mechanicals

4.   Plumbing

You’ll end up calling a professional to resolve the issue, but there are several things you can do to aid and assist in this process.

1.   Document as much as you can about the leak.

When did the leak start, and when does it leak? Where do you see the water coming in? Does it happen every time it rains, or maybe just during driving rain? Or does it show up a day or two later? Have any previous efforts been made to resolve this issue?


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