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Month: July 2016

Kimian.Farm is creating opportunities for paying it forward

Why Kimian.Farm is on Patreon Just $1 per month would mean the world to us, but $5 per month would mean a whole new world for so many more. Youth worker Ian has dreamed all his life of being a…

When you’re looking for a small business loan, you need to go to the leader in small business loans online.

Argent Funding Group works for the small businesses making it fast and easy to get the business working capital they need. Argent Funding Group is a private equity firm based in New York any and all deals are welcome….

How one tiny button generates $ 380’000 extra monthly revenue

by  Constantin Xenakis One tiny button = $ 380’000 extra monthly revenue   I have been offering consulting services to a well established E-commerce in Switzerland. I have convinced the people in charge to carry out a small change on many…

Strategic Planning for the New Economy

by  Russ Penlington The new economy is an evolving system and strategic planning to position within it can help both businesses and consumers to prosper under the changing economic landscape. Increasing occurrences of systematic failure in the global monetary and…

Terrifying Raw Video Footage of Munich Terrorist Shooting Passersby outside McDonalds


IoT and Blockchain – Edge computing opportunity

by  Joel Binn This is an Edge computing opportunity for Networking Companies  like CISCO, AT&T, IBM, Hitachi, DELL …. Obviously they need to be on the forefront of IoT.   IoT devices reach directly out onto the Internet, communicate M2M, receive…

Build a robust HiPo Program in just 3 steps

by Ester Martinez Here are the key questions you must have clear answers to, black and white, with no shades of grey to crack a solid HIPO program. Organizations are at different stages when it comes to creating mature High Potential…

Palmer Capital: Opportunities to be had in UK Real Estate Post BREXIT

by    Emma Murray ( linkedin post) The UK’s decision to leave the European Union following the referendum has not surprisingly resulted in a period of uncertainty and hesitancy.  While the appointment of a new Prime Minister is, the first step…

Leading in Uncertain Times

by  Alistair Cox There’s no doubt about it, our world can throw us curve-balls from time to time and, living in the UK, we received one a couple of weeks ago as the UK voted to leave the European Union….

Why Software Engineers are Declining Your Offers

by Katie Bowles I’ve been doing technical recruitment (primarily open source) for over 2 ½ years now, and the market is continuously becoming more and more competitive for software engineering talent. The reason why most companies even decide to use a…